My first ever attempt at stop-motion

I've had this idea for a short stop-motion film for ages: a love story between a shoelace and a shoe. I hadn't made it until now as I'd never tried stop-motion before, and wasn't sure if I could even do it. But then this morning I decided to just do it, and so I did.

Hope you are all enjoying summer!



I just got back from two amazing weeks in France with Rob, one spent in the city of love and one by the ocean on the westcoast. I like to mix city and country on holidays, it brings about different paces, impressions and experiences. In Paris we spent most of our time walking around the streets of Paris, eating good food, drinking wine and being in the good company of friends and family. On the west coast we spent a lot of time riding bikes, lying on the beach reading, drinking wine, and playing cards in our hut. I brought lots of great memories and moments back with me.

It is funny being back in Boston though, as the weather here is much warmer than in was in France; it almost feels like we're getting a second holiday.

Here are some digital photos from our time.


Artist spotlight: Rhya

I recently came across Rhyas blog and was completely taken by her art. The story world and creatures she creates are charming and fascinating, and I felt very lucky to receive one of her wolves zines not too long ago. The zine consist of this little story about wolves:






Reading through the zine continues to make me smile and feel inspired. Check out her blog for many more stories and creatures like this one.



When Rob and I first arrived in Boston it felt very surreal. As we consume a lot of American culture (TV, film, radio, music and so on) everything felt familiar but foreign. It was as if we were extras in an film, where everything around us just felt like it was part of the film set, even the people living here. After some time though, we walked down from the stage and into our everyday life. Boston now seems very real and much like home. I guess for me home is a feeling I get when I am with Rob, so no matter where we choose to live, that feeling will always be present.

Here are some recent photos from Boston