Amsterdam take 1

I have an implicit agreement with two of my friends that we'll visit each other in the city where one goes on an exchange program as part of our university degree. Vanja went to Prague, so I went to visit her there and now my friend Sidsel is in Amsterdam. So, some weeks ago Vanja and I went to visit her there.

I had an amazing time in the company of two fantastic friends and enjoyed strolling around the streets of Amsterdam catching up, joking around and experiencing the city, which seems so liveable!

Although I'm not going on an exchange Sidsel and Vanja will visit me in Boston, where I'll move to in two weeks. Very exciting!


The weather today

... is rainy, cold and making my umbrella dance like this:

(Illustration by Christine Young)

However, this video provided some warmth:

På det seneste

Har jeg lyttet til disse to numre:

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (lovelife remix) by Paola by paolamusic

Papercuts - Future Primitive

Set denne film:

.... og i aften skal jeg til koncert med dette band:

Good times!




No words can describe how much I love him.

We got engaged on New Year's Eve, and will be getting married in the summer of 2012. It's all very exciting.


Catching my breath

The last two months have been really busy as I have been getting ready to move to the States in the beginning of April. In times like this it's important to create some time and space and take a break. One thing that's quite meditative for me is drawing and making collages. Here's my most recent collage/drawing combo.