I'm loving this song. I think the mood in it fits the Danish summer perfectly.


Poland occupies a special place in my life. My ex-stepfather Ole lives there with his wife Iwona, and my brother and I went to visit them once or twice a year during the latter part of my childhood.

We always did crazy things when we visited and Ole liked testing our limits. But I like that. If you don't test your limits, how do you know where they end?

I hadn't been back for a few years so it was quite special when my brother and I went back a few weeks with our partners. We'll go back again soon. Here are some photos of the place where Ole and Iwona live.



When everything around you is blooming, even a walk on a cloudy day can seem magical.



Since I don't have any new photos to show you this week, I'll post some collages / drawings I've made.
When I still lived at home my sister and I would quite regularly sit down together at a table and draw while listening to horror stories on tape and drink tea. I miss it.


The unexpected in the expected

One of my favourite things is going for an evening walk with Rob. Although I know what to expect from such a walk, I am always met with something unexpected. It could be an unexpected sight, summer smell, kiss or thought.
I cherish these walks, because they always seem to wash away the trails of the day and make new ground to walk on.

On another note, my friend came over the other day, as expected, but with her she brought flowers for me, unexpected. Those flowers made me smile every morning, as I looked at them while eating breakfast. A perfect way to wake up.