I love this scene


I have lots of stories to tell from Prague, but this time it will be in the shape of films. I decided to film my weekend in Prague instead of taking photos. Unfortunately I'm busy finishing my bachelor thesis at the moment, so the Prague Stories will have to wait until January.
Until then here are a few of the photos that were actually taken. Prague is charming and filled with contrasts, i enjoyed spending a weekend of walking around the city in the company of my dear friend Vanja.

+ A music video that I'm loving at the moment:

And a song:


Ocean breeze

I don't know what it is, but somehow the breeze of the ocean always manages to blow out every little worry I have in me, and leaves me with a fresh mind.


A study in green

What I saw and experienced while walking through castles, in between trees on cable-suspended bridges and amongst little houses made me think. I studied the green around me and realised that the grass is only greener on the other side if you forget to look at and water your own garden.


Out Sailing

These photos are from a sailing trip up Odense Å on my mum's partner's boat. The occasion was the celebration of both my and my mum's birthday, but really it was mostly about spending time together.
For the short moment that I was steering the boat I felt like a true adventurer; such a wonderful feeling. But the whole day was great and filled with little special moments. My sister and I ended the day by falling asleep in a rubber boat that was tied to the back of the boat, letting the waves rock us to sleep.


Lissabon del 5

And, a song that I'm loving at the moment:



Rob showed me this the other day - Such a great performance!


Lissabon del 3

These are photos from a trip to a beach a bit away from Costa da Caparica. As you can see the place was full of random things that seemed like they were filled with stories. I love those unexpected findings.