Songs that turn into scenes

You know those songs? You hear them and they take hold of your emotions and imagination. Sometimes you're transported to a scene or a moment and forget the "real" place you are in. Other times they colour your surroundings and make you look at familiar settings in a way you haven't before.

It happens to me a lot, and lately especially with these songs...

Youth Lagoon "17"

JJ "Ecstasy"

Phil Phillips "Sea of Love"


Things that make me smile

Vintage-feel delivery at "Tifamade"

Hand Shadows (The Moose is Rob's favourite animal)

(Still from the great and unique film Dear Lemon Lima)

Nice wrapping paper


DIY memo pops


Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes

Chocolate coated pretzels


The prospect of an autumn picnic




I am really looking forward to seeing these films

And recommend these films that I have already seen

Evening tunes and some NYC snaps

As my days in Boston are coming to an end I find myself excited for what's to come, but also deeply nostalgic for what has been. I save memories and moments in tunes and still images.

Toro Y Moi - Fax Shadow (Shlomo Remix)

Alex Turner - Stuck on the Puzzle