Sometimes you're only a train ride a way from a lot of new: a new country, new experiences and new perspectives, and on the train ride home, as you breathe in and reflect on the day, you feel new energy and sense the day disappearing into new memories.

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  1. Helt enig. Og det er netop lige dét Malmö kan.

  2. You know, that's so true. Sometimes I think I have to go somewhere far away for excitement, but there are so many places I've never been that are just right outside where I live. This weekend I'm going to take a ferry out of Seattle for the first time. I wonder what kinds of adventures await..

    I love the second picture of the footsteps by the way. It really fits with what you wrote.

  3. love the words and the pictures, perfection :)

  4. sv; thanks!

    malmö is stunning!

  5. @Linda: Ja, lige præcis. Måske selv en tur med metroen kan have samme effekt?

    @Allison: That's exactly it. I often forget that as well. I will look forward to hearing about/seeing the adventures the ferry will take you to.
    And thank you :)

    @Rose: Thank you so much! That's really nice to hear (/read)!

    @Amy: It really is a nice city, especially as one starts to move away from the main shopping area, to discover more hidden areas.

  6. Sandt! Smukt skrevet (og smukke billeder)