Obrigada Lisboa

I'm back from two amazing weeks in Lisbon (and around) with Rob. Filled with great memories and still feeling the sun on my face I feel ready to get back to everyday life again.
Being somewhere for a longer time makes you feel like you really get to know the place. It becomes a part of you because you've taken a part in it.

While I'm waiting to get pictures developed, I'll leave you with a digital photo I took of Rob in one of the many pastelerias we went to, and loved.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You two are so lucky to have visited Lisbon! I would love to go there someday and can't wait to see your photos in the meantime.

  2. You really should! It's such a great place, and there's lots to see around the city as well.

    I really enjoyed your 'looking back' post by the way. Japan is the place I want to visit the most at the moment.